The single board computer (SBC) has a pre-installed software configurator that can be used to configure the parameters. Through this configurator, user can view the live images and laser readings. Parameters such as network IP adress and sensor location can also be easily configured.




For the configuration, a laptop or netbook can be used to access the SBC through Ethernet crossover cable and Windows remote desktop. A default IP address of SBC is pre-configured for easy connection. Both username and password are required for the remote access.


MigmaBicycleTM Configuration




























A 7 portable monitor, powered by USB, can also be used to make the configuration. This monitor supports both touch screen and onscreen keyboard. No external computer mouse and keyboard are required. All configuration data are saved in the compact memory card.

The same laptop or monitor can be used to configure different systems installed at different locations. The monitor can also be used to diagnose any system problems.